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Is your website ready for an upgrade?

We have noticed a new trend of smaller businesses asking us for a professional website, to replace the ‘free DIY version’, which they built themselves when first starting out. Did you build your businesses’s own website? Is it providing the return on the huge investment of time, which you have spent on it? Is it really Google friendly and SEO optimised?

Kingdom Creative Media UK creates Responsive WebsitesMaybe you are thinking it is time to refocus on your business and concentrate on what you are good at. Do you need some help with your digital marketing? 

At Kingdom Creative Media, we have a growing list of clients who trust us to manage their website. To discover how we can help you with your digital marketing (for as little as £33 per month), simply send us a message.

All-weather signage for the Food Bank

Happy smiles in the sunshine at Trafford South Food bank as some of the volunteers show us how they have fitted their new signs designed and produced by Kingdomedia.

The signs are made from durable 5mm PVC foam board, and are designed to be easily attached to the railings, when the Food Bank is open within Sale West Community Centre, Manchester. Although rain and wind seem far away in the heatwave we have been enjoying as Chris, one volunteer, commented “the signs look great and we are really pleased they are strong and waterproof, should have a long life!”

Trafford South Food Bank is just one of the church and community groups that Kingdomedia is very happy to support.

A New Website for Anglo set to launch soon…

We had a great meeting the other day with our friends at Anglo Building Services, a local company from South Yorkshire, who provide Building Services Engineering, specialising in Electrical Engineering.

Having spent the last few weeks working on their new Responsive Website, it was very rewarding to receive positive feedback at the presentation.

Here is a sneak preview of their new site, which will re-launch later this month, once the final content  and a few tweaks are complete. Although we usually work with a broad spectrum of organisations, often from within the charities sector, we do like to keep our hand in with the commercial sector.

New website launching soon for Anglo Building Services by Kingdomedia

If your organisation is ready for a new Responsive (multi-device) website, or is simply wanting to have a more professional and dynamic presence on the web, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Celebrating 90 years of the church at Station Road

Kingdomedia is very pleased to announce that the 90th celebration exhibition of the history of what is now Liberty Church is on display and ready for viewing at the church in Rotherham.

We have been privileged to have been given the commission, to design and produce this large piece of work which draws together photographs, memories and facts about the church spanning it’s full 9 decades.

For this work a total of 24 exhibition stands were linked together to make a continuous display, spanning over 28 metres in total.

The timeline progresses from 1928 through to the present day and visitors can spend a good while taking in all of the information on our boards which is accompanied by memorabilia dating back through the decades.

The exhibition is free and open to visitors at Liberty Church, Station Road, Rotherham from 14 May 2018 through to 20 May 2018. For more details please see the church website: www.libertyrotherham.org

At Kingdomedia we have built up some amazing supplier relationships over the years, making us fortunate enough to buy all our print at trade price, which helps us to pass on great savings to our customers. If you want ‘professional design’ and ‘great value promotional materials’, contact us to see how we can help you.

CJ’s Holiday Homes website goes live!

CJ’s go live! We are excited to announce the launch of CJ Holiday’s new responsive  (multi-device) website.

With much work behind the scenes all of the wonderful holiday homes are now available on the site to view and to book. So check out the site and you may find some tempting offers for summer 2018!

Kingdom Creative Media Uk have designed and built this site from scratch, incorporating the client’s existing booking system Supercontrol, which was a huge advantage ensuring that their business remained fully operational throughout the whole process of the web development.

We can also say as a finishing note from personal experience how fabulous CJ Holidays are. We thoroughly recommend them as a holiday provider for their warm and friendly service and wonderful holiday homes. Get booking now! www.cjsholidayhomes.co.uk

Another happy customer :-)

Blog content for SEO (Google loves content)

Supported Holidays website for Morley Care Services, created and maintained by Kingdomedia.

Some great feedback from Morley Care Services today following on from the website and blog that we designed and maintain for their Supported Holidays: “Our holidays have sold like hot cakes this year thanks to the website”. The website we designed last year continues to rise in search engine listings thanks in part to Tag’s blog which is maintained by Kingdomedia. Ongoing website maintenance is SO important to keep a website current and easily findable by customers and clients so that their product or service can keep selling like hot cakes! Keeping a live blog is one great way to do this and is one part of the service offered by Kingdom Creative Media UK.

Need help with your organisations digital marketing, we would be happy to have an informal chat and we love coffee! Message us.

Yes, PRINT is still not dead!

Although we spend much of our time designing for online marketing media, we still receive regular requests for promotional printed materials. So the answer is yes, print is very much alive and still has it’s part to play in any organisations marketing mix of media.

Here are a few samples, of some of our recent design and print projects, for a variety of organisations and events. Quantities of such items vary from 100 to 3,000 copies, depending on the target audience. Here at Kingdom Creative Media, we still use traditional lithographic print presses, although in more recent times we seem to receive more requests for short run quantities, where high end digital presses ensure great value for money.

At Kingdomedia we have built up some amazing supplier relationships over the years, making us fortunate enough to buy all our print at trade price, which helps us to pass on great savings to our customers. If you want ‘professional design’ and ‘great value promotional materials’, contact us to see how we can help you.


New Website design and build project for CJ’s Holiday Homes

New Website design and build project, for a lovely family owned business in Tattersall Lakes Country Park and Butlins, Skegness.

Preview of newwebsite for CJ's Holiday Homes bu KingdomediaHere’s a sneak preview of a website project which we are currently working on for CJ’s Holiday Homes. CJ’s needed a website refresh and design upgrade to improve the look of their site and to bring it more up to date. We have gone for the owner’s favourite colours as a theme after careful consultation with her and have started our work with a total re-brand and also introduced new company logo as a base for this project. This is a 50+ paged site and growing, with over 600 gallery images, which is keeping us busy and out of trouble.

We wanted to keep this site user-friendly so that visitors can easily access the wealth of information about the holidays on offer and get straight to their holiday home of interest. With the abundance of inviting photographs of lovely holiday homes on offer we have even started to think about our own holidays!

If you are thinking of bringing your website in line with the latest technology, please don’t hesitate to message us. We would be happy to provide advice and we also have very favourable rates, especially for community based organisations.

Responsive website for Liberty

We were busy just before Christmas and after those few extra tweaks here is our latest website completed for Liberty Church, Rotherham. It is also built as a multi-site which means that in future it will be easier (and less time consuming) to add a site for another campus. We like to think ahead!

Liberty Church, Rotherham, RESPONSIVE WEBSITE by KingdomediaWell it’s actually a revamp of the old one, with the same style and branding, but much more forward thinking in that it is also now a responsive website – i.e. it responds to whatever device it is viewed on for optimum viewing.

In addition, we have partnered up with GreneIT, who provide ‘green hosting’ along with SSL certificates, which means that as well as following best practice for more environmentally friendly hosting the website is now more secure. For more details please visit their website: www.greneit.com

As this website is close to our hearts we are pleased that the Liberty Church, Rotherham, website is finally ready for multi-device viewing. The site is colourful and vibrant, which exactly captures the kind of church that Liberty is and we hope that it will set them off on a good start for 2018.

We will soon be giving the same treatment to Liberty Church, Swinton, so watch this space.

If you are thinking of bringing your website in line with the latest technology, please don’t hesitate to message us. We would be happy to provide advice and we also have very favourable rates, especially for community based organisations.

New year, new start

Instead of writing a blog post about our latest project, we have written this update to encourage you to think about how this time of year can be the best time to promote YOUR charity or organisation… a sort of freebie from us here at Kingdomedia :-).

Profile your organisation through digital marketing by KingdomediaRather than settling for the January blues this time of year it’s great to get one step ahead of the game, which can be vital when it comes to fundraising and getting awareness of the good things you are doing out there. We’ve put together a couple of ideas to help you get started…

Use this time to think through how you would like to advertise in the coming year – do you have a marketing strategy for the next 12 months?

A new year is a new start and a good time to introduce something fresh and creative. It could be a competition, some free giveaways, an ‘introduce-a-friend’ scheme or a loyalty discount as some examples.

Don’t forget social media of course – now could be the time to revamp your charities’ Facebook page for example and most importantly make sure you commit to regular posting about your activities. Not only is this an easy (and free!) way to regularly get your organisation out there, search engines love it and if your social media is linked to your website it will really help to improve it’s place in search engine listings. Speak to us to find out more about ‘SEO’ or search engine optimisation.

And finally, before the busyness of this next year kicks in, don’t forget that your organisation is worth spending that extra time on to profile it properly! You will reap the rewards in months to come if you can give it some time and thought now. Kingdomedia would like to wish you every success in 2018.

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