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Anna and Andy Foster write creative and useful content to help charities, community projects, small business, and the commercial sector across a range of subjects including digital design and marketing. If you would like to discuss how we can help with your digital media, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

New year, new start

Instead of writing a blog post about our latest project, we have written this update to encourage you to think about how this time of year can be the best time to promote YOUR charity or organisation… a sort of freebie from us here at Kingdomedia :-). Rather than...

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Getting in the Christmas spirit with Liberty

It's that time of year again and it's always a busy time for us in terms of designing Christmassy things. This time it's for Liberty Church Rotherham, and Liberty Church Swinton, to advertise their upcoming Christmas events. We created a set of versatile postcards so...

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Christmas Grizzly is on the loose!!!

'Bolsterstone Christmas Trees hire grizzly bear with the help of International Freight Solutions…' …well, not quite, but we like a bit of fun at this time of year so we thought we would share in some festive fun with our friends at Bolsterstone. We had fun designing...

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Excalibur does the trick

What's Excalibur? I hear you ask… Well it's none other than one of our best quality, sturdy and double sided pull-up banner stands. Standing at 1 metre wide and 2 metres high our new design for Lost Chord on an Excalibur stand will be the perfect backdrop for some of...

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What’s all this about SSL?!

Good question. A lot of people have been asking this, and Kingdomedia has been working with a number of our regular clients to help them navigate the latest web minefield created by an update to Google Chromes security. We have even created a section on our website to...

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Time to shop, shop, shop

It's been great to collaborate with our friends at Grene IT to develop the shopping cart feature of Lost Chord's website. A perfect example of how a website can keep growing and evolving, with the addition of an online shop to help Lost Chord sell items and also...

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Maltby’s local artist and comedian!

We had a bit of fun designing these for local artist Dave Brennan. Dave was after some new business cards following a change in contact details and we put it to him, what better way to advertise himself than with one of his own humourous cartoons! We think they are...

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Kiveton go live!

You may remember we were invited to design the website for Kiveton Community Church back in April. We are pleased to say it's now live! Check it out here. We also enjoyed taking the photos to support this website and agree that a friendly, smiling face is often the...

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