All-weather signage for the Food Bank

All-weather signage for the Food Bank

Happy smiles in the sunshine at Trafford South Food bank as some of the volunteers show us how they have fitted their new signs designed and produced by Kingdomedia.

The signs are made from durable 5mm PVC foam board, and are designed to be easily attached to the railings, when the Food Bank is open within Sale West Community Centre, Manchester. Although rain and wind seem far away in the heatwave we have been enjoying as Chris, one volunteer, commented “the signs look great and we are really pleased they are strong and waterproof, should have a long life!”

Trafford South Food Bank is just one of the church and community groups that Kingdomedia is very happy to support.

Christmas Grizzly is on the loose!!!

Christmas Grizzly is on the loose!!!

Promotional materials for Bolsterstone Christmas Trees by Kingdomedia‘Bolsterstone Christmas Trees hire grizzly bear with the help of International Freight Solutions…’ …well, not quite, but we like a bit of fun at this time of year so we thought we would share in some festive fun with our friends at Bolsterstone.

We had fun designing and making ‘Grizzly Bear’ (4′ high from standing), a couple of signs and some promotional flyers to advertise a bear hunt and Christmas tree sale.

A whole array of Christmas trees from 4ft to 40ft are now on sale in Bolsterstone, and of course tell your kids to watch out for grizzly bears on the loose!

Changes bring a new season

A1 Poster for Liberty Church by KingdomediaFollowing on from our last blog post, well we’ve been at work again to reflect some more changes that are happening. In this particular case we like to think of this job as announcing a new season for Liberty Church Rotherham. We have just put together an updated A1 poster print for them, to be used as an indoor noticeboard graphic in the foyer of their building, which reflects some staff changes and an updated list of all the activities that this busy church gets up to.

Displayed in a wall-mounted Silver Snap Frame, this design solution makes a very cost effective way of presenting your organisations regular events / operations. If you have a media budget, this is one item which won’t break your bank, but will enhance your building’s marketing materials. Message us today for a personalised estimate.

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