Yes that is correct, Kingdomedia do provide professional website Maintenance Contracts from as little as £40 per month.

The Benefits outweigh the investment cost

    • Professional research, marketing and creative writing skills provided
    • Fresh content added to your News Blog keeps your site looking fresh
    • Fresh content also provides opportunities to signpost from your social media
    • Crafted SEO for your News Blogs increases your ranking with Google
    • Regular updating of plugins (third party software) enhances your security
    • Your website gets regular tender loving care, becoming more Google-friendly
    • Existing and new visitors have greater confidence in your organisation

Professional website maintenance contracts from £40 per month

Do you need help keeping your news feed up-to-date? Is your website getting the TLC that it needs to stay secure and in favour with Google? We craft SEO into all our websites as part of the service.

As we have reported in some previous articles: Content will always be King for good SEO which is why we always recommend that your website includes some form of News Blog. You should always Punch above your weight when it comes to promoting your businesses, SME or community charity project.

Here are just a few examples of ‘mini-blog’ articles which Kingdomedia has produced for a variety of clients:

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